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Bodega Boys



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ATTN: MORE BEING PRINTED AS WE SPEAK!! - Keep up on @_bodegaboys IG eta 12/10/2022 message us there for a pre-order!

What a treat! Artist collab with quad skater prodigy and all around wonder of a creature, Silvia Kambouridis. IG @silvkam & @silvia.squiggles ... How lucky we are to be able to meld minds with this human bean. May we bring many more beautiful things into this world.

$10.00 from every tee sold goes straight into Silvia's pocket. Yewwwww!!!

Printed in puffed ink on Everybody World garments. Oversized unisex tees. 100% up-cycled cotton. (5% shrink after wash)

Embroidery by Four Hands Embroidery. Women Owned and operated embroidery shop located in BK/NYC.

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